Our Story

If you like delicious vegetarian comfort food with a Mediterranean twist Habibi's Mediterranean Foods needs to be in your repertoire. Family owned Habibi’s has been producing delicious natural dips and other products inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern kitchens since 2008.

The main reason for choosing our name is because In Aramaic and Arabic, Habibi's literally means " My love, beloved, friend or darling."

Using family recipes that were conceived in the kitchens of Lebanon, Habibi's culinary visionaries have come up with an amazing line up of products. Our hope is that Habibi's ready to eat products will be a staple and a must have in your fridge to be shared with your friends and loved ones. We are proud to be a Vancouver based company that uses fresh, quality ingredients so our customers can feel good about what they are eating and serving to their family and friends. All natural and made without chemical preservatives or additives, our products are inspired by old world recipes from the Middle East that have been nourishing families for many centuries.

We try our best to source as much Local ingredients as possible that are ethically sourced and sustainable which means a higher quality product you can feel better about eating. All of our imported ingredients have been carefully sourced and picked to follow the high standard that Habibi's have for anything they use in their products. Our goal is to make the tastiest and freshest products available in the market. Non-GMO and gluten free, the Habibi’s wholesome line-up offers a wide selection of hummus varieties, cashew dips and Middle Eastern spreads that are vegetarian and vegan friendly. For dairy lovers our Tsatziki and Labneh products are and rich in taste and nutrition. Our products are some of the healthiest dip lines in the market and are full of vitamins and minerals, not fillers or additives.

We are proud to say that we have one of the lowest fat and salt content in the market and also use no sugar in our products. Not only do we take pride in buying as much as we can from our Canadian farmers we also use local companies for our labels and containers. By doing this we hope to be a part of supporting other Canadian business grow and thrive.

We would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and love we receive every day from our new and old fans!