available in 200g and 450g

Spreadable and creamy and made from 100% Greek yogurt our Labneh is made from the yogurt we use in our Tsatziki. It is strained for days to release as much yogurt whey as possible turning the remaining yogurt to a thick fresh cheese. The only other ingredient is sea salt for flavour. Speaking of flavour... Labneh tends to develop more complex flavours as it ages, which typically occurs one to two weeks after it is made. The Labneh can be used as a dip and spread and also in savory foods. Spread on your choice of bread or simply drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and dip away.

Ingredients: Yogurt, Sea Salt
Nutrition Facts: per 1 Tbs (15g): Calories 25, Fat 1.5g (2%), Saturated Fat 1g = Trans Fat 0g (5%), Cholesterol 5 mg, Sodium 40 mg (2%), Carbohydrate 1g (1%), Fibre 0g (0%), Sugars 1g, Protein 2g, Vit 2 (4%), Vit C (0%), Calcium (2%), Iron (0%). % = % Daily Value

Consume within 5 days after opening
Labneh is a Middle Eastern Yogurt Cream Cheese made with a 100% Greek yogurt. Strained for 48 hours and some sea salt added to it you developed this amazing creamy texture that will tickle your taste buds. Use it as a dip for vegetables or spread on your favorite bread or cracker. Make a lovely parfait with granola and berries or use it in your savory cooking instead of cream cheese. The options are endless so go for it!